GT Racing Game Simulator
Racing Game Simulator

The OpenWheeler driving game simulator delivers a lot more than it promises - maximum entertainment while playing any racing car game available for PS, Xbox & Wii game consoles.

GT Racing Simulator

The greatest game simulator for PS/Xbox/Wii video game consoles. The OpenWheeler racing seat can be purchased for $400 USD (USA, Canada) or £270 British pounds (UK, Europe).

GT Racing Simulator
OpenWheeler GT Racing Cockpit
Open Wheeler GT Game Seat
Best Best Driving Seat

Does OpenWheeler ship with a home video game driving wheel and pedals by default?

If you demand you can of course have OpenWheeler delivered together with one of Logitech's home racing game wheels. We are an authorized Logitech distributor and offer competitive prices for all...

Why purchase a car game racing cockpit simulator? You can get it at an inexpensive price, but with high quality features.

Racing Game Simulator Review The OpenWheeler racing game cockpit spares money, spares driving licences, saves driving fines. Where else can you exercise your authentic racing capacity and still succeed in keeping your hand...